Good parenting pays

Once again hi everyone,,,

It is true that good parenting always matter a lot,,whatever a parent instills in his or her children will really help them a lot.

Whenever a child is always encouraged to fight on in life he will grow up fighting for what is his the child will always support what is right and condemn what is evil.

Some children grew up in a family where they learnt to always agree to what they were being told and do what they are asked to.

This affects them in latter life because as they grew up being controlled they will also never learn to fight for themselves because they are used to saying yes to everything.

So parents should always learn to limit their children.

Be humble we’re all heading there

Hey all!

We are living in a world where there are a lot of unfairness.You find wickedness where justice and right ought to prevail it’s all useless because we are heading to one place.

One day one time we must all die we will all go back to the dust, afterall we are all like animals i might seem a little bit rude by saying this but with the next paragraph you will really prove this.

First of all both humans and animals die one day some due to illness and some are even being killed.

Animals and people also are of the same kind the same fate awaits both of them.

A human being is no better off than an animal because life has no meaning for either.

They are both going to the same place-dust because thats where they came from.

Lastly how can anyone be sure that human’s spirit go upwards while animal’s spirit go downwards??

So lets all work hard and enjoy what we have.Lets remain humble and help others this pays🙂

Learn to love not to laugh

In this world not all people are from the same social class,some are rich and others poor.It is sad because mostly people from the rich family instead of helping others look down upon others this kills the self-confidence and morale of the rest of the people which can affect their lives also.

Coming to school with fancy clothes and walking with unique hairstyles and bags is not an issue the issue is becoming a show off.What do you benefit when you outfit others you get the praise but what just increases is your pride which always comes before a fall remember that.

We should all learn to love and appreciate others,parents on the other hand should teach their children how to love others they should teach them love and show them the right path by being their example.

Nothing hurts😣like making fun of other people and not knowing their situation at home.

You call that a phone?Look at those shoes.When is she changing that hairstyle.He or she will be wearing the same jean next week.

But why guys?Why do you think people come from the same families.Stop being selfish.Not all parents can afford vans or fancy hairstyles and clothes not all parents are the same not all parents can afford everything you know..

Some people are always indoors just to avoid what people will say.Stop looking down on others it ain’t fair.

Overcoming shyness

What is shyness:it is simply the fear to do something

Causes of shyness

  • Failure-people fear because they think they will fail.Failure is infact good you cannot be always bright because you will increase your pride.
  • Audience-we tend to fear that people will laugh at us,let people opinions not define you face the world hold your head high up and face the world.
  • Background-shyness is caused mostly by parents when a child is growing it depend on the parents some parents are so strict on their children that the children tend to fear they fear people and thus don’t interact with them

Here are some of the ways I overcame shyness because I was so shy.I used to envy people who were brave and could speak out in the public but now I am so proud of my self improvement and I can talk to people although not hundreds of them but a few.Here are some of the ways I applied:

  • Group work-i started participating in group work and in many cases volunteered to present it whenever we were needed to do so.This made me improve immensely in communication
  • Music festival-i joined the music festival and participated in group poems and I could not stay in the front line because I feared facing the crowd but wuuuh I made it at last.

It is an amazing thing to speak to people and It is a great feeling to be chosen as a student head because you will always be looked up to and will strive to do your best that is where you will gather your courage and improve.

Ask your self questions like what will you do if you were not afraid or shy?Where will you be??

Let us all support each other and be courage support one another also and you will always go far we need courageous people who will stand up against all discrimination and corruption and build themselves a better nation.


Happy to get over it


I grew up asking myself so many things.Why was I not born like them why was I born in the village.The world was so unfair right from the start you will wish and hope for something but never really get it.

I never really believed in myself,I knew that nothing good could really come from me I lacked motivation I never even believed when someone told me am beautiful it was a beautiful joke.I was so helpless I never even had the strength to fight for myself.

I gave up so many things thinking I could never make it in life,the word`i can make it’was a joke to me.I expected people in the outside to be as nice and good like my mother I was not prepared to face many harsh things in life.

Joining a boarding school was another ordeal I will never forget.I was freaking sad and happy at the same time.It is so funny how I managed myself because I only talked to three people my cousin,deskmate and I.I had never been really exposed to the world I was used to the comforts back at home my self esteem was crushed completely the mockery of all other students was my lunch and supper in school

I had no courage to even answer questions in class fear was written everywhere in me I even tend to believe that that was my nature.My life was filled with tears and depression.I did not believe the saying that a problem shared is a problem half solved.

High school was where I met another friend or can I say God sent angel who taught me many things.She taught me how to believe in myself and I pulled myself together and decided to face life

I saw that meaningless at first but after sometime I knew what she meant.First I started writing in my personal book some self motivated quotes which I read them everyday and then one thing I did which I am proud to say today is that I prayed to God I asked him to guide my since it was a turnpoint in my life.Through this I conquered all my fears and learnt to stand alone I started working so hard that I improved immensely in every field.I decided that the only time I will look back is to see where I’ve come from

I want to encourage everyone out there to always be strong and believe in themselves.Today I can say am strong because I know my weaknesses.I am beautiful because I am aware of my flaws I am fearless because I learnt to recognise illusion from real I am wise because I learn from my mistakes I am in love because I have felt hate and I can laugh because I have known sadness.

Do you have any idea who you are?

Hey all!

Many people don’t know who they are,they lack the idea of their real identity that is why I’ve brought out this topic.

Sadly many people tend to hate themselves because of who they are they want to be like their friends and families but you are smart the way you are.Remember if you compete with others you become bitter but if you compete with yourself you become better.Sit down and write your future because no one is coming to save you this life of yours is 100% your responsibility.

The moment I opened my eyes and decided that enough of all things that don’t help me is when I lost many friends and all the things that made me happy in school.I decided to give up the good and go for the great and I surely benefited.

I knew deep down that I could improve from bottom 40 to top 20 but other people were there to make me lose faith and trust in myself.I was the only one responsible for my life I told myself:I must do what others can’t and tomorrow I will accomplish what others cant.

Decide to find happiness of your own no one will.When I was 5 years old my mother always told me that happiness was the key to life.When I went to school they asked me what I wanted to be when I grow up.I wrote down HAPPY.They told me I didn’t understand the assignment and I told them they didn’t understand life.

Find your passion and do all you can climb every mountain.If you cannot find the keys to success build your own door and make your own keys.

I would rather die of passion than boredom

Walk with intelligent people and be the light in the darkness.Find who you are and happiness will come automatically

Either write something worth reading or live a life worth writing 🙂

Want to excel in school and life here are 5 awesome ways to

1: Trusting in God-God is the giver of everything it be success or failure

You should wake up everyday and tell God to always to be guiding you,when going to bed kneel down and seek him.I woke up one day and made a plan of my day without dedicating to him and to my dissapointment everything was disrupted by just a hurt on my finger then I realized that he surely has the way.Your time is not wasted if you just seek him you will instead get more blessings.

Do your best God will do the rest

2:Humility and respect-Humility and respect go hand in hand,they are the virtues that uphold and make a person right

Life is full of tit for tats you serve you will be served respect and you earn the same respect.We should always works without complaining one service to a person doesn’t cost instead you get blessings in a way you can’t even know how

3:Losing hope-this is when you stop doing something because you don’t believe it will work out

“You have not failed until you stop doing it” .

In life whenever you fail tell yourself that that was not failure but an incorrect way of doing it.Remember when one door closes another opens when the chapter of primary education is over secondary education begins so you never have to lose hope.

Let people’s words never define you love all but trust none no one is your friend so despite what people say lift up your head and walk like a winner talk like a winner don’t say you want to be a lawyer yet you walk like a suspect no

“Whenever people throw stones at you pick it up build a foundation another stone build your walls,build a roof with the other and make stairs to your castle make a door,a gate and lock yourself in the castle living happily”

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Whenever you are in a situation where you feel like everyone is against you smile you know why?people are giving you a new chance to make it in life.

If you are going through hell keep going

4: Never forget where you are coming from

Even a long road has the beggining,a river always has a source,so definitely all people have a place they came from

Being born poor is not your problem dying poor is your problem so you need to have a you time and figure out your life.We must always be thankful to our parents for bringing us to the world and the best way to thank them is making them proud.Remember:

“We are growing up forgetting that our parents are growing old”

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If someone ever helps you during your tough time never forget them during your good time.Appreciate everyone who helps you out no matter hao small the favour was.Happiness always starts at home love and appreciate each other at home and you will get the true definition of happiness.

Remember east or west home is the best.


Bad company ruins good morals but I say you can turn the bad company to good company with your good morals.We often hear people saying that we should avoid bad company but I always tell them to take care not to be the bad company because they might be the bad company people are talking about.

Bad friends will always influence you with bad suggestions, introduce you to self defeating habits and later pass the weakness on you

3 bad friends to avoid

  • Scornful-make your sin appear glamorous,make you feel what you believe has no value
  • Angry friends-anger always leads to sin
  • Backstubbers-never believe anyone who talks to you about someone they probably talk bad to other people about you.

Remember you don’t need friends in life for you to survive.